Monday, November 06, 2006

How can you read them all?

Every day I get newsletters that are sent by email. Bottom Line covers health topics, investing, and some of those outrageous ads for the books they sell. It's free and there's usually something new and useful. Today, under the headline "Can Pasta Cause Cataracts?" they summarize research from Tufts (very respectable) along with some basic information about cataracts. Jay is soon to have his first cataract surgery, so I was curious about this theory: Eating refined carbohydrates correlates to a greater risk of cataracts! Sounds like "part of a healthy diet" to me. More fruits, vegetables and whole grains (full of nutrients, nutraceuticals and fiber), less refined and processed carbs (empty calories that monkey with your blood sugar) with a high glycemic index. 50% of Americans 75 and over have cataracts. Since this kind of healthy eating is also protective for many of the other ills of the aging body, it's worth the effort. Tastes good too!

If you have experience with slowing down or reducing cataracts, please comment! And if you have emailed, free newsletters to recommend, please comment.

An episode at home tonight: A nosebleed, an occasional occurence, especially in the winter (dry) months. The remedy: the homeopathic cell salt Ferrum Phos. It works like a charm, and quickly. (Comments?)

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