Saturday, June 09, 2007

Musing on my absence

Did I fall off the horse? Can I get back on? What's the natural cure for blogger's block? For the power of seeing my own words in print for all the world to see, I'll just swallow all the cliches I can think of: today I'll just jump in/on again!

So much strange news about nutrition and supplements lately, both positive and negative. Much of it reinforces the commitment to food -- whole and natural. Vitamin D: can we be more careful here, before falling for prescribed megadoses? Vitamin E: how can we compare wheat germ with synthetic dl-alpha tocopherol? Carotenes: what imbalances do we create with synthetic beta carotene when we replace a very complex vegetable or algae source?

Now that I'm selling eggs in the store again, from very local hens that eat organic grain when they're not out hunting and pecking, I wonder if the sunshine they get doesn't make a crucial difference in the Vitamin D content of the eggs. Even certified organic eggs may not be this good.

Sadly, "USDA Certified Organic" is fulfilling the fears of the paranoid, gradually being undermined by agribusiness who like charging more for organic and don't like paying more to grow it. Bit by bit "exceptions" are being allowed. We have to keep fighting to keep some measure of conscience here. Keep sending emails, snail mails, signing petitions to let USDA or Congress know what you think. Support local farmers, farmers markets and CSA's which have the commitment and honesty to still produce real food and healthy soil.

FROM IDEAL BITE: Patients in London are wearing pajamas made with silver linings (literally) to combat an aggressive form of staph infection.

What is it? "Mother of us all", a sculpture by Elinore Koenigsfeld.