Saturday, September 29, 2007

From the food blog junkie

Yup, that's me -- start with a good food blog, recipes and photos and a provoking discussion, then read old posts, comments...then link to commenter's blogs and before you know it the night is gone, and there's no time to cook or read. Working at the store I peek at more blogs throughout the day when there's a quiet spell, or eat lunch standing in front of the computer. What's new in the Perfect Pantry? What's Steamy up to now? What's cooking in Brazil, London, Mauritius?

It was cooking and cookbooks that led me to health food and books, and the love has persisted. Reading and writing about food helps keep me sane! Now I have been honored as the "Bookworm" of the week at The Perfect Pantry -- go look! Lydia writes about ingredients (her pantry) with wit and intelligence, and a recipe that shows off each one. If you like to read about food, you'll love it!