Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Falling Down

Climbing the stone steps to the Peterborough Unitarian Church, I fell. Suddenly I was down, lying still, reorienting. Heather came behind me and helped me up. I said I had to get Arnica, and walked across the street to open the trunk, find the bottle, and put four little white pills in my mouth. I went into the church to join the rest of Animaterra, ready to warm up, ready to sing. Nothing else is so good for me to bring me into the moment and set my troubles aside. Warmup over, I looked down and saw blood on my left foot and knee. Set that aside, a third dose of Arnica, and set my attention to singing for half an hour. How beautiful, such joy! Leaving, I felt the stiffness setting in. At our circle meeting which followed, Kathy provided the bandaids and wash cloth I asked for. More Arnica, a good meeting, moving slow, then drive home to Traumeel Gel. Now, three days later, still sore and stiff, but there was no bruising, and the scraped skin is healing over. So what is the lesson here? Be a Girl/Boy Scout, be prepared? Yes! My purse is a mobile natural first aid kit. At the moment, I see seven homeopathic remedies and two herbal salves. Bandaids are missing and need to be replaced. That covers most emergencies I meet. What I carry changes, evolves, but here's what I have now: Euphrasia (allergy, burning/tearing eyes) Nux Vomica (indigestion) Apis (insect bites and stings, red/hot) Cocculus Indicus (motion sickness) Ipecacuanha (nausea, vomiting) Arnica Montana (muscle soreness, bruising, trauma) Five Flower Remedy (a Rescue Remedy, physical and emotional) TheraNeem Neem Stick (for lips, for any kind of boo-boo) a tin of herbal salve They sit in a little pocket handily set on the side of the purse, with a secure flap and snap closure. The remedies are in very small tubes + a tiny bottle + a small tin, so they all fit. I haven't needed them often, but I would feel unprepared without them. Sunday I was very relieved to know I had what I needed.