Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Minor Angst

Daunted by technology, I plunged in and followed the prompts, filled in the blanks: I think I just set up a Facebook page for VitaSource. It has no photo: how do you do that? Have to import some kids (my own) to do it for me. Started a discussion, Resolutions 2010. Let's see where this goes.

Then I came to Blogspot to dump the spam comments, reset settings to try to prevent it. More tussles with technology. You start to feel OLD when you jump into new waters and find them cold --- and do I care?

There is weariness on me. Old year ending, no good books to read; that is, no mysteries. There are books aplenty piled up next to my bed. One that is fascinating is a history centered on the spice trade -- but I can only get through two or 3 pages at a time. Another is the next alumni seminar reading (Mind and Matter, Erwin Schrodinger): heavy, have to get going!

Knitting socks, slow work on #3 needles, and when I finish the first one I'll have to make another one if I want to wear them. I'm not a one sock person! I can't do my usual read and knit with this one, a definite restriction on my doing either one. At least when they're done they will be stunning!

Soon I will really have time to manage meaningfully. I can see that challenge, need to meet it.