Sunday, November 26, 2006

Getting real

What is more "real" than air, water, trees...and junk mail? I'm on a roll: I found a way to improve the first 3 and reduce the last -- for $3 a month. Green Dimes gets it all done! The site has all the statistics, does all the work and plants a tree a month for you. Now there's a good way to delegate responsibility.

Then there's water and plastic, down the drain and in the trash when women shave. An alternative is using sugar instead: look at the article from Care2 (then go feed the chimps). So many times we don't bother to do what is green because it seems like too much trouble or we think that an individual can have only negligible impact. Here are a few simple ways to be part of the change with little effort.

VitaSource recycles. Many of you have brought plastic and paper bags -- I reuse any clean and practical-sized bags. Many of you clever people bring in a bottle or package when you want to be sure you are getting the right thing, then leave the empty for us to recycle. Thanks!!

EGGS FOR EYES This information makes you wonder if the rise in the occurence of macular degeneration had anything to do with the drop in egg consumption. A recent study shows that eating one egg a day raised blood levels of lutein and zeazanthin 26 - 38%; they are related to prevention of macular degeneration. When eggs were demonized (deviled, no doubt) for their cholesterol levels -- now rehabilitated for moderate consumption -- what harm was done?

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Rebecca said...

We signed up with greendimes! Yay! I think we get more like 170 lbs of junk mail/year.