Thursday, August 09, 2007

My toothpaste and DNA

Jay has had DNA testing done as part of the Genographic Project
out of a desire to look into his family's past. It took them back to the Rift Valley 50,000 years ago, up to 20,000 years ago in Europe. Fascinating as this is, it leaves a lot of time blank. Ultimately we want our ancestors to tell us about ourselves. Now he's working back from the known present, learning a lot about people still in memory. Wonderful stories, interesting relationships -- there's a rich history in a relatively short time.

I am thinking about this now because I have found an amazing fact: 10% of all toothpaste goes unused (thank you, Ideal Bite)! I immediately followed their lead, cut open my apparently empty tube, and there it was -- all that potentially wasted toothpaste (and it was the good stuff, Neem TP from Organix South). Of course I rescued it...there's something in my DNA, no doubt, that won't let me waste: toothpaste, or water, or the blank sides of papers... At least it gives me an inborn urge to save the Earth!


Rachael Narins said...

I love your site! I can see why you read Daily Bread seem a lot like Toni (in the best ways!)...she is incredible.

Interesting info about toothpaste tubes too. I will certainly make sure I get every last drop out from now on. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

i am susan's son, and it is a joy to read this blog, especially this post, i can see that if she knew this years ago i would have been splitting open my toothpast tubes all through high school (and I'm sure beyond as I try to perpetuate my mom's best habits)
with joy,