Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Need an Intestinal Workout?

I can hear myself quoting myself:
Fiber is a sponge and a broom. A sponge because it will pull toxins from the intestines, and a broom because it will sweep the toxins out of the intestines.
That was a handy analogy so that people who came to VitaSource could see a vivid picture of how fiber can work. Some people like to take seasonal change as the time for a dramatic internal cleanse. Simplify what you eat as a modified fast, concentrate on herbs and fibers in liquid meals. Some of the cleanse plans promote agressive, even explosive elimination. (The most common question was, Do I have to stay near the bathroom?) I prefer to advocate a more gentle approach. What you eat should be easy on the gut -- that food is assimilated. What you eat should be a pleasure -- that's better for you too. Fibers can be incorporated in a daily routine, in a simple drink with greens for gentle ongoing cleansing. Happier gut bacteria, happier elimination, better energy, better health. Now, quoting Carol Steadman:
Fiber without water is called a cork.
Fair warning! Plentiful water from pure sources makes everything work together.

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